Hadara Bar-Nadav



Queen of Collapse

Queen of disappearing, the girl in me gone

Queen of sweet milk, blisters, sweat

Queen as the night opens its mouth and cries

           The dreamthroat, blackthroat, barbaric guest

Queen seized by wide white jaws

My subjects all turn cannibal, animal, maul

Their love gigantic, their never-ending need

Queen claimed by the smallest fists

Queen of the body count, fingers, shadows, toes

Warped by war and sleeplessness, we are a thousand years old

Queen of the corpse I invite inside for a glass of rain

           The rain coming down like gravel over our heads

My mother’s face ripples across my face, across my child’s face

Queen of collapse, our hunger everlasting



Hadara Bar-Nadav is author of The New Nudity (Saturnalia Books, 2017); Lullaby(with Exit Sign) , awarded the Saturnalia Books Poetry Prize (Saturnalia Books, 2013); The Frame Called Ruin, Runner Up for the Green Rose Prize (New Issues, 2012); and A Glass of Milk to Kiss Goodnight, awarded the Margie Book Prize (Margie/Intuit House, 2007). Her chapbook Fountain and Furnace (Tupelo Press, 2015) was awarded the Sunken Garden Poetry Prize. A National Endowment for the Arts fellow, she is currently a Professor of English at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.