Margot Douaihy

It All Comes Out in the Wash

except the washing machine's f^cked
& has been all month.
It half works, half doesn't.
& no one can fix it.
Not that we've called.
But it's too old to repair.
Is it the thing itself
or the space it fills
that makes it so hard
to replace?
Now we're brushing
teeth & washing bras
in the sink
like college kids
on a last-minute trip,
cold water running,
watching each other
in the mirror,
thinking who are you?
but not asking it.





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Margot Douaihy, PhD, is the author of Scranton Lace and Girls Like You (Clemson University Press). Her work has been featured in Colorado Review, The Florida Review, North American Review, PBS NewsHour, Portland Review (forthcoming), The South Carolina Review, The Wisconsin Review, Tahoma Literary Review, and elsewhere. She is a member of the Radius of Arab-American Writers and Creative Writing Studies Organization.