George McKim


I measure my apparitions in Molar Mass (grams / mol).
Joules. Units of it. Quantities. Apparitions that spill stars from
their cages. P=MxA (Poem = Memory x Apparitions) is my
libretto. 87/13 hallucination to cache ratio. Homeless as
words. Memory, if you have any left. Random Access. Short
term. Hard drive. Home movie. 8mm. I keep all my photos in
a cage. Total recall. Poetic vision as expressed by: {Unicorns}
÷ time whereas A = Δv ÷ t Units: meters / (second)2. My right
brain just exploded. I wrote this at Hotel Sun. South side.
Mass Ave. Green line. Green moon. White noise. Poe’s grave.
Semblance. Shadow



Biot–Savart law

In physics, specifically electromagnetism, the Biot–Savart law is an equation describing the magnetic field generated by an electric current. That’s bullshit. The circus left town years ago. The bearded lady is still weeping in the hallway. Greetings from the free encyclopedia of ketchup. Confession: I have used electroshock therapy on some of my poems. I’m sleeping. It’s snowing. There are wolves roaming the streets. They’re calling for rain. The induced air currents are forming solenoidal rings. The full displacement vector, the magnetic constant, neither accumulates nor depletes at any point (Ampère's law of Magnetic fields). Alternatively: this relationship, specifically [5.1] People [5.2] Electromagnetism and the Dadaist Poem “the density of the vortex sea”. I'm a bird that I made it home with matching cape and the music of the sun. They’re calling for snow. They’re calling for knives. They’re calling for winter to stab its way through the trees. They’re calling for God to eat the sky.


George McKim has an MFA in Painting. His paintings have been exhibited in various group exhibitions in galleries and museums in the Southeast and his poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Ilanot Review, Diagram, elimae, The Found Poetry Review, Poetry WTF, Scissors and Spackle, Dear Sirs, Shampoo, Ditch, Glittermob, Cricket Online Review, Otoliths, The Tupelo Press 30/30 Project and others. His chapbook of Found Poetry and Visual Poetry Found & Lost was published by Silver Birch Press in 2015.