Nina Mouawad نينا معوض

word of the week



at dawn, a donkey / sobbing

the sky this mid-october
sunrise, dirty

with tomorrow’s flood, keeps me
at the waist & without

all of you. only when it pours
will your names be uttered,

in the breadth of a drop

disobeying borders
to land on your brow.

i gulp down my coffee,
always cold in Boston

and rinse out the grinds
no one was left
alive to read me



Nina Mouawad نينا معوض (she/elle/هي) is a Lebanese poet and PhD student in Literature at Northeastern University. Her poems have appeared in Spectrum, Sukoon, The Bosphorus Review, and Rusted Radishes among others. You can find her at She hopes one day the world will allow her to write love poems again.