Eric Pankey

Several Days into the Journey

Rough seas wind coarse with salt
After storm clouds are sun-breached
A little rain still falls through bright skies

Evaporates before it finds a surface
Lured by the horizon’s curve
A stowaway emerges

Several days into the journey
To enliven the plot
Bewitched the compass needle

Points it one direction
Can you chart your bearings
At what depths will the light not penetrate



Giants in Eden

We were given
The ornaments of grammar
The ornaments of wilderness

Beneath the hunter’s moon
We sheltered
In the cave of allegory

Back then everything
Was in the public domain
Zero for instance and the golden ratio

We were given
The whiteness of salt
The whiteness that is the sky

Was it disillusion
Or disolution
We experienced first



Eric Pankey's twelfth collection of poetry, AUGURY, is forthcoming from Milkweed Editions in 2017.