Preface to 10.2

There has been a great deal of uncertainty in Qatar today, and I'm finding it impossible difficult to write from inside this startled place. So many of us are trying to write from inside a startled, uncertain place, and it gives me hope and solace to share with you the work of those who have managed to write in the face of precariousness. I offer their work humbly and gratefully. I’m grateful, too, for a small gift I received while I spent much of today scouring Twitter, trying to quell fear with information. Amongst the Tweets, I found the two messages below and I was touched. Amidst the chaotic events in the Gulf someone thought of Diode, and wanted to know how to support us. But what touched me even more was this simple declarative: “Poetry has no borders!” I will leave off with that. It’s enough. It’s more than enough.

from Doha, Qatar