archives winter 2009




Utopia or/ memory = recall + oblivescene + reminescene

food does not necessarily follow
willing to leave and stay away
above or below dreams
the eyes burn there
seam erasing itself
an alpha night
a pipeline
for tribe

                     skirting maybe

I have always been a card carrying member
when I got married I made my wife a card carrying member
when I had my boys I made them card carrying members
I don’t know what happened to you when you were fed
who holds power dictates
I am willing to receive

complex and fluid nationalities dictate
moors of lingering and you
bared vortex in it
morning and squirrels without
history (verbatim) love
does not necessarily follow
tous les savoirs du monde
I knew (peace) then had
to know in other ways
other and other

never having had the actual virtual or ontic
one would not necessarily suppress
repress amnesia

try the limen for size
retro or pro inhibi-
tion of what?
but what?

who is producer of the work?
my habits of digression are set
opacity embraces less ness
I have no time for rhyme
I am willing to receive
margin & center warp
foreign to me
a door

how good is that which
tongue political?

war does not necessarily follow a pipeline
forgetting what’s remembered
theory/ self/ private
recall/ review
the institutional sublime
wave returning itself
prayer galaxy
ground away

to explain obviously and personally the crooked access to gill
transparency unearthed like the sun at midday
opaque to penetration because of discourse

          I am

a place of limitations
remembering recovery
the similarity of the new
questioning itself

            stimuli interfere

are they available or accessible
whose text is that at the doorway
taken away before given out
flower? passer-by? chain??

doodle-dee-doo-dum river
entrusted with a story


Astarte, Astarte

here to be sealed into flat filed cylinders
a set of love numbers offers loss to
someone more powerless more the questioned
the other always a Goliath loss still contains
some thousand churches or dug up baths
bulleted where they breathe from still
sinking deeper into superlatives

less powerless more the questioned 
as for the historical

the boulevard is lined up with golden wives of Loh

do they matter or is that just historical
making easier on him someone said
built against (for) the ages
in which time is a place
is space

Aya hides without
the emperor's horse to the tether
coitus medicini causae
coitus miseri cordiae

lost arts

then surfaces decaying a has been
as the body self substrates
coitus mortis

what time is it?

the body without self shining the night
body as object sated centuries of owners
sad in the eyes where all things are sealed
matter of sunlight

the weight and care of an arrow
sung light

the fate of sunlight one cannot share
or will or discuss

to let it be justified as it justifies
resurrected behind an altar
burning the dwelling
the end is context

craving itself

where it hits

appropriation kills otherwise
all yet to be atom and photon
still I germinate to Canaan
ancillary to auxiliary
for lack there of
Aya turned

all those who came and went
what could they have been?
the down down I am wired to
tending to love against light
a push past strike
past war

and in doing so a mother tongue unveils

the sun goes down again
the sacred as now for spring
anterior to anterior burning
flat pools on colorless inclines

another alley turned diversion
a wall for the sound corridor


Luminosity hit

the moon was so bright with the multitudinous say
I could not unscramble the uber alles
matter here is your puzzle
gravity gives

          monuments to other such

afterthought in love in peace
                   graced and willed

Amorzel’s Oroiel’s Daveithai’s Eeleth’s

only fiction wills away
motherboard based mass
luminosity pastoral
outer layers meaning lesser
fainter as in longer
much longer

                   Cassandra needs

          lighter light
            longer hours

stories that do not apply
            truth before else

40% of children qualify for medical assistance but most don’t know it
unless parents pursue this benefit the next generation will drive down
the nation's productivity

                                    mass then particle or wave
                                                     insurance abject

                                                will fly


About the familial

you’re mine
wires on behalf of me
sinew free
all about

song-like waves
about tribes
feeling the turf
I have always been

techno fresh inside
outside blooms
here is one
market size crowd
less ritual
careful the wire
no the wood


Somehow still

love technoes one way silly
image on all levels
yeahso matter
I’ll deny

Persephone spaces then
yours and mine
for pomegranate

how germ evitable
I will you then again
never a site between us

still a train sexy as ever
against our exhaustible tricks
resulting resulting

wish or sign for country
we must love not
willingly shifting

sanctions aside
the virtual %
real silly  


Arpine Konyalian Grenier’s work has been described as a mosaic of narrative that takes us out of our provincial concentration on American life to encompass broader social and geopolitical issues with a decidedly urban and postmodern sensibility. Her poetry and translations have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. A former scientist, musician, and financial analyst, and author of several collections of poetry, Grenier presently lives in Tucson, Arizona.