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Jigsaw Hubbub 7

                       Intense traffic dehydrates
                 more  than                   overtime.
           The husband                          won’t go
         into the city                                 unless it’s
      a ball game.                                        Spearing
      boyhood?                                            Not to
        prove  a                                      corpulent
         skeleton. All                        converge to
             maximize the            dollop given.
                Interior sugar’s  redemptive
            venue—her                    next stop.
          Drying last                              season, re
      vived today.                                     Please max
  imize  the                                                    dollop. How
will  you                                                               occupy the
generously                                                               sized  pre
 cincts? I only                                                      paid for the
  one oneness.                                                The one we’d
   like to install                                          ourselves. Hope
     they put in plenty                        of what if. Triggers
        to borrow?  But           you’d best be extra care
              ful when the sun clause rides into effect.


Jigsaw Hubbub 8

                      You resound with
                 doves. I                 prefer
             unnatural                       light. We
          can blow                                   it up to
        poster size.                                       Snaring
         a vacuum                                         from a
          broad-based                               array of
              product, perhaps            acrawl with
                     inner booty &  maximum ass
                room. Insightful,          if inaccurate,
            or even fict                               itious. When
        the name                                               rang its bell,
     I appro                                                                 priated. Pro
  fessional                                                                     insects preach:
“In software                                                                begins respon
   sibilities.” How’s                                                 it their province
      to rein in the every                                        day busting of
               my confines? Real                   pollution is  measur
                            able, greasy. You can tag its aroma.


Dented Reprise 12

When I find myself    

in slimy rubble 
or sodden prairies’ glum decree,

farther than frenzy,   
wiping the hurt from my glands  
as I balk the depraved,  

something in the bay that blues  
contracts me like no other bother.
There’s recession to be churned with this,  
and it’s churning out to hell.

Forget a thin-hoped                
heirloom sheen’s intense mist.
Think it’s time we         
shop; hey, what’s that mound?
Everybody book the underground.


Dented Reprise 13

Crack bird winging in the dread of white.

Shaken drunken thighs,
infirm of knee.

Bubbles ahead,
stubble behind.
So many different

peepholes to free.
Can’t you grow a potion,
just toss my line?
Help me get my wheat back from the

You were only chafing
for this foment to revise.
And the chorus will snigger
like rafters.  


Thomas Fink is the author of seven books of poetry, including Peace Conference (Marsh Hawk, 2011) and Autopsy Turvy (Meritage, 2010), a collaboration with Maya Diablo Mason. His work appears in The Best American Poetry 2007 (Scribner’s). A Different Sense of Power (Fairleigh Dickinson, 2001) is his most recent book of criticism, and in 2007, he co-edited “Burning Interiors”: David Shapiro’s Poetry and Poetics.  Fink’s paintings hang in various collections.