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Вместо извинение

Всяка сутрин –
на път за работа –
седнал на стъпалата
пред банката –
протяга ръка и пита:
Колко е часът, чедо . . .
Какво да му кажа –
всяка сутрин-
по едно и също време
Късно е,
много е късно . . .


Instead of an Apology

Each morning –
on my way to work –
the old man,
sitting on the  front steps
of the bank –
stretches out his hand and asks:
What time is it, child . . .
What can I tell him –
each morning
at the same time
it’s late,
very late . . .


Малки истории

Обича да пише бележки –
“Обичам те” на мъжа си,
“Мисля за теб” на детето,
“Благодаря ти” на майка си.
Малко е налудничаво всъщност,
но домашните й не говорят за тези работи,
дори си дават вид,
че никога нищо
не са откривали по джобовете си.
А тя прави това от доста време –
от онзи ден,
в който прочете някъде,
че една жена скочила от четиринадестия етаж,
а в джоба й имало бележка,
на която пишело –
“пет яйца и един хляб”.


Small Stories

She likes to write notes –
“I love you” to her husband,
“I’m thinking of you” to her child,
“Thank you” to her mother.
It’s a little ludicrous actually,
but her loved ones don’t speak about these things,
even pretend
they’ve never discovered anything in their pockets.
Still, she’s been doing this a while –
since the day
she read somewhere
that a woman jumped from the fourteenth floor,
and in her pocket there had been a note
with the words –
“five eggs and a loaf a bread.”  


Olya Stoyanova was born in 1977. She is a mother of three children and author of three books of poetry, a novel, a collection of short stories, and a nonfiction book. She has worked as a journalist for ten years. Her poetry has won prestigious national awards in her native Bulgaria.

Katerina Stoykova-Klemer’s first poetry book, the bilingual The Air around the Butterfly / Въздухът около пеперудата (Fakel Express, 2009), won the 2010 Pencho’s Oak award, given annually to recognize literary contribution to contemporary Bulgarian culture. She is the author of the chapbook The Most (Finishing Line Press, 2010) and Indivisible Number (Fakel Express, 2011, Bulgarian only). Katerina is the editor of the anthology Bigger Than They Appear: Anthology of Very Short Poems (Accents Publishing, 2011). Her poems have appeared in publications throughout the US and Europe, including The Louisville Review, Margie, Adirondack Review and others. Katerina's latest full-length poetry book, The Porcupine of Mind, was released in May 2012 by Broadstone Books. Katerina is the founder of poetry and prose groups in Lexington, Kentucky, that have been meeting since early 2007. She hosts Accents—a radio show for literature, art and culture on WRFL, 88.1 FM, Lexington. In January 2010, Katerina launched Accents Publishing—an independent press for brilliant voices.