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discrete series:

sleep’s whitefaced
hoplite draws

our portraits:

gouache of hair,
of blandished eyes:

accede:  &, ten-
dent, the apophatic

in gums & stays
more loyal:

apogee & perigee:
marled in rain,

coordinate (naut.)
or Eucharist:

takes on
legacy:  buoyant:

some vertical

under-rib:  as
Interval:  virescent:
this    birdscape:

discrete series:
North Star

creator mundi:
sediment psalm:

structures lamp:

mortise, jade

tenon:  liminal

of phosphor:

struck:  a tone

enlists:  faith’s
wax amplitude:

cartouche or

inheres:  eye-

the fact returns
the mind

with interest
due:  con-

stellating organ
matter:  blaze


phonetic awl:

sever & rise:

this tongue
a livid husking:

Bright Wednesday

now the crickets
in their temporary
warmths     temporary
war, circle
other conic sections
genuflect      into
the lonely sister / -eye,

a Chagall donkey
nightingale soot-rose
we light     as tapers
not the small
gods of breathing-

autumn     wage utterly
as not-song,      not-

poplar, volute, wine
the figs in their
glabrous carriages
arriving now    blown &
pointing     dove-
spline     spoked bodywall

a different poverty,
I have lost
nothing     wren-planes
of the hospital
flags, bridge-end
epithets     field system
sunflower matrix
the asymptotic     &

plenary nervure,
turn inward     milk-
testament (as participle)
egg / wound / egg
on the fourth tone
un-mothed, un-
bridled    functions burl

limbed &     preterite,
thrown up against
that cell / division, into
music or      no
local burden
(custom)     solemn

bird-sheet     atoms
in the joint
conspire to shake

from the best of us



a Western landscape
stents &     mule-rust
mask nor
public        spectacle,
—irrigation latch


((that which gathers
the other, gathered hand

mind is estranging,
song is estranging

the immigrant math recommends
two oaks at cross purposes

goldfinch?  earthquake?  pinhole?
—rubbish mound or broken branch
antimony, what pure horoscope

(above // the apiaries of Thebes)  


G. C. Waldrep’s most recent books are The Arcadia Project: North American Postmodern Pastoral (Ahsahta, 2012), co-edited with Joshua Corey, and a chapbook, Susquehanna (Omnidawn, 2013).  BOA Editions will release a long poem, Testament, in 2015.