M. A. Vizsolyi


let's say whistle & do it

the bar where the furry chins gather

the blue shoulder of Kali muscular & trembling as she drops her cloak

the killer’s hoof-prints a sign the killer’s lame

instead of rain hydrogen exploding

the being they called him

the organist dreams of an old order one marked by perverse & bloody ritual

the sluggish goose abandoned to its own air its own way the flock moving on

if snow then cross the plain quickly silly billy

hello yellow face says Gerry to the sun on a quiet Sunday

play it a few times & she’ll come back to you even from where she is

the lean-legged beer drinker his eyes are brown green-lit & closed

the baby leading the blue dove by a leash

a fiber fraying off looking for elsewhere

the punk he tried to tell us in a chorus of inaccessible screams

not bitter

just tired




the songs the sentimentalist cries to

the doll head at the bottom of the bin her song

the breaker of horses asleep on the porch in a chair his song

& the birds who carry sky their song

the song of Donald a child alone in his room

Kafka in his bath the lights out that song

the songs with shaky rhythms

the songs which kick away the sick man saying rage

the advocates of UFO’s their uncanny & lovely refrain

songs like circuits on the face of the sleeping warrior

remember songs when they used to be pleasant asks Midge

unpleasant songs with real sound

Orpheus charmed by song chewing on his nails

Hildy’s song

& Mary’s too

the neighbors song its thump thump yeah

the physicist’s mustache the song which proves his theory

the politician eyeing the door the song behind it

the songs never written down never meant to be

the unimagined songs

more like those


M. A. Vizsolyi is the author two books, Anthem for the Wounded, and The Lamp with Wings: Love Sonnets, (HarperPerennial) winner of the National Poetry Series, selected by Ilya Kaminsky. He is also the author of the chapbooks, Notes on Melancholia (Monk Books) and The Case of Jane: A Verse Play (500places press). Follow him at his website, mavizsolyi.com