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Editors’ Preface

Justin Bigos
Deborah Brown
Laura Cesarco Eglin, trans. Jesse Lee
   Kercheval and Catherine Jagoe

Robin Chapman
Adam Day
Roselyn Elliott
Cody Ernst
John Estes
Justin Evans
Christian Anton Gerard


J. P. Grasser
Kelle Groom
Charles Jensen
Patricia Murphy
Tayve Neese
Candace Pearson
Bo Schwabacher
Shane Seely
Martha Silano
Z. G. Tomaszewski
Joe Wilkins

Special Features
  Sivan Butler-Rotholz
    Accents Publishing Chapbook Omnibus Review

  Heather Lang
    The Poetry of Pinhole Photography

Also from Diode Editions
  Diode Editions, Bright Power, Dark Peace by Traci Brimhall & Brynn Saito

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