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Editors’ Preface

Kim Addonizio
Kaveh Akbar
Paula Cisewski
Jim Daniels
Jessica de Koninck
Blas Falconer
Rodney Gomez
Bob Hicok
Chloe Honum
Heather Lang

Patrick Lawler
Matthew Lippman
Travis Love
Peter E. Murphy
Susan Nguyen


Eric Pankey
Brittany Perham
Nina Puro
Kathleen Rooney
Christine E. Salvatore
Karen Schubert
Maureen Seaton
Jordan Shuler
Sue William Silverman
Julia Story
Lena Khalaf Tuffaha
John Sibley Williams
Kathleen Winter
Nicole Zuckerman

Special Features
  Asemic Writing: An Interview with Jay Snodgrass
  Nance Van Winckel
    Visual Poetry

  Craig Beaven
    Review | Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude, Ross Gay

    Review | The Road in is Not the Same Road Out, Karen Solie

  Sivan Butler-Rotholz
    Small Press Full Length Collections Omnibus Review

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  Diode Editions, featuring five new chapbooks, including the winners of the 2015 Diode Editions chapbook contest: Straight, by sam sax, and The Goddess Monologues, by Vandana Khanna

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